Exit Preparation

Exit Preparation is typically undertaken by finance professionals to facilitate the sale of a business. It is a process of optimisation that benefits the seller in respect of valuation and desirability and the buyer in respect of performance, minimising risk and ease of due diligence during the sale process. 

Having an experienced finance professional address and optimise key areas of the business and drive performance with the needs of the buyer and future commercial prospects in mind creates a smooth due diligence process and satisfies the buyer that future plans and forecasts are consistent and compatible with the valuation.

The optimisation process for exit is best started as early as possible to enable the benefits of the increased performance to follow through into the profits of the business and therefore follow through into increased valuations. 

Preferably the process should be undertaken 2-3 years in advance to allow for at least two financial cycles of the business.

The key to successful optimisation and exit preparation is having the necessary experience. Our team has experience of multiple exits and transactions with a variety of buyers, including trade and private equity. 

Typically, we would work with you on a part time flexible basis as an embedded part of your management team to optimise and prepare the business for sale. Corporate Finance advisory experts will market and sell the business.

The Numitas 8 Step Guide outlines the key activities that should be addressed.

Flexible Solutions

Our clients have to come to rely on us to provide a broad spectrum of capability under a range of engagement contracts, at short notice:

  • Part Time Finance Directors

  • Single person projects

  • Full multi person teams

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