Career Options

We make it possible for senior Finance Directors to have an alternative lifestyle with more control over their career.

Core Purpose

At the core of our business is the desire to create an alternative career option for CFOs, FDs and Consultants. By working together we provide interesting and varied work which caters for the flexibility, control and lifestyle needs of senior finance executives, as well as providing a superior resource and capability for clients.

Aggregating Capability and Opportunities for all

We bring together some of the most experienced and capable senior finance professionals. By aggregating a large number of people and capability, we are able to project the conjoined experience into the market place and gain opportunities to be shared among all.

Numitas vs Top 20 Accounting firm

We do not seek to provide the technical services of the accounting firms, rather the capability we provide is that of senior Finance Directors in strategic and commercial roles. Indeed the breadth and depth of our capability is comparable to a top 20 accounting firm as we have 60+ partner level senior CFOs and FDs.

Types of engagement

Services are provided via a range of flexible engagements including part time finance directors, single person projects through to multi-person teams in order to provide solutions to the business challenges of both small and large organisations equally. 

If you would like to find out more about these and see if you would fit into our culture we would be delighted to hear from you, alternatively register your interest in the CFO Club and come along to meet us.

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