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About Numitas

Numitas is the UK’s leading finance consultancy, our team of finance directors are deployed on a variety of engagements from part time to full project teams, in a wide range of scenarios covering most business challenges. Clients vary from technology start-ups to corporates, we are equally at home with both.​

We believe the best businesses make the best decisions. All businesses can make better decisions if they have access to better information and the experienced people to help. Crucial to making decisions in any size company is the finance director.

​Finance directors have a unique role. The modern finance director has highly developed personal and communications skills, combined with a very commercial approach, backed up by their professional qualifications and training to truly understand the implications of plans and decisions. This combination, contributes a powerful insight and unique capability when combined with many years working in the real world, growing and managing businesses.

Our engagements in small businesses are usually as a part time finance director supporting them a few days per month. In larger companies we provide consulting solutions for specific business challenges, transactions and projects. The team of over 40 finance directors and consultants has grown from relationships we have developed through our professional network and the CFO club we created, which is now the largest network of CFOs in the UK.

​Our aim is to provide the unique capabilities of the finance director to businesses of all sizes, support management teams and execute projects that make a real difference.

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