The key to our reputation is our proven track record of helping clients reach their objectives. Here is a selection of our clients' testimonials.

"Our part time FD has been instrumental in helping us establish very comprehensive and insightful financial MI reporting as well as putting in place a new EMI Scheme. They worked closely with senior management, especially with our Business & Finance Manager. With their knowledge of our business, we would certainly work with Numitas again on a project basis as and when the need arises."

Charles Arbuthnot, Genesis

"Our Numitas part time FD helped us to secure a JV that we wouldn't have received without this engagement. We've been supported in making the best decisions for our business and benefitted from a robust financial model for scaling our product. Our part time FD provided strategic and commercial input, beyond the 'number crunching', which was invaluable to us."

Sharon and Anthony Sumner, Business CLoud Integration

"We benefitted from successfully closing a series A round of funding and our part time FD was held in high regard by all our investors. Beyond the fundraising and M&A, our FD has built trust and confidence with the Board and our investors - there is rigour in the FD's activities, knowledge and reporting, so we have high confidence in the P&L. On top of the day to day finance role, we've received support on corporate governance, managing our audit and managing the remuneration committee."

Richard Baker, Geospock

"Our part time FD had a natural skill-set to work with us as a small business, they were sociable, outgoing, knowledgeable and had a wealth of expertise. As a growing business, we benefitted from having a great collaborator with industry expertise who was able to provide timely support and quickly understand our business, its challenges and the objectives we wanted to achieve. We can't recommend Numitas highly enough."

Oliver Cave, Connect Scaffolding

“If you’re hoping one day that you’ll achieve a potential sale, investing in a finance director on a part time engagement is a tiny investment compared with the cost of failure.”

Will Archer, i-Graduate

"Numitas have been great right from the start and their informal, collegial approach fitted straight into our company culture. Anything other than that just wouldn’t have worked."

David Bide, Arma

"Our finance professional has been really great to work with and helped us out of a potentially massive hole!"

Penny Maplestone, BSPB

"Our Numitas part time FD has a lot of ideas and has made significant input into our business. We've gained good insight, a different perspective, and now benefit from more insight from our restructured accounts. We have received everything we were promised and more from Numitas. Having a senior part time FD has meant that we have support on the commercial and strategic side of decision making and planning, beyond the technical accounting aspects, which has helped us to achieve so much more than we would have been able to without this engagement."

Rupert Baines, UltraSoc

"Our Numitas part time FD fits in very well to our team and culture, which was important to us. As CEO, I value our FD's advice because they have so much experience and I gain more insight than I would have done from a junior FD. We were initially thinking of taking on an NED, but our part time FD has provided us with so much added value that we haven't needed to bring in the additional role. Our FD has helped on every aspect of the brief, and more, with a proactive, strategic and commercial approach."

Dominic Softley, Enigma

"Our part time FD settled in well and was very much part of the team. They made a difference in our systems and processes and helped to ensure our audit went smoothly and efficiently. Our FD very much supported our growth aspirations and future opportunities."

Jenny Cassidy, Wed2B

"Our part time FD is flexible, experienced and provides recommendations to the senior management based on attention to detail and thoroughness, which is vital in helping us achieve our growth goals. Having tried a few internal finance positions at the more junior end, this engagement has been essential to us as we gained more senior expertise than we could otherwise afford."

Anthony Rix, 8Power

“When we needed to urgently find a new FD at a critical time in the development of Seaslskinz, we decided to use Numitas given their strong local network , credentials and experienced team. They worked quickly and diligently to help us fill this critical gap in challenging circumstances.”

Justin Adams, Sealskinz

"Our part time FD has been key to us securing the investment we needed to realise our marketing strategy. Numitas totally understand start ups and have been very knowledgeable. We respect our FDs opinion so highly that they now sit on our board alongside our new investors."

Tammy Kahn Fennell, MarketMeSuite

"The depth of knowledge we receive from our Numitas part time FD is extremely helpful to help us prioritise issues and problems – what to worry about and what not to worry about. Their objectivity and independence helps us to make the right decisions, based on good information, to meet and deliver our plans. Having a senior part time FD with Numitas has helped scale us into a professional organisation."

Colin Rees, Transforming Systems

"Our Numitas part time FD has helped us to understand what we need to do to address the challenges of moving from start up to scale up and has been a very valuable critical friend. Had we not had a senior FD on a part time engagement, we wouldn’t be where we are now - they have been a crucial part of the process."

Jonathan Raper, TransportAPI

"Our Numitas finance professional was very proactive, had excellent attention to detail and was collaborative in their approach. Their capability and experience meant we received excellent recommendations alongside the technical finance aspects of the role which were delivered to tight deadlines."

Sally Budden, AlphaBio

"Our part time FD is incredibly able and has a quick mind. They have fitted in well to our business and brings a good dynamic to our Board meetings. With a wealth of tech experience, our FD has gained a lot of respect from our Board and investors as he understands the mechanics of our business. We are continually provided with added value with strategic and commercial input from our FD."

Marcus Gin, Edozo

"I am extremely impressed how Numitas add so much value to such promising young businesses. Many start up companies fail to get the skills they need to pull together a robust business plan so the involvement of the team at Numitas will provide these fledgling businesses with a firm foundation on which to grow."

George Whitehead, Octopus Ventures

"Numitas was the saviour of our company! They have provided me with excellent support and invaluable guidance behind the scenes. Without that support I’m sure the business wouldn’t be where it is today. We’re now looking forward to working even closer with Numitas and maximising the massive potential we feel we have. I can’t recommend them strongly enough."

Neil Garner, Proxama

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