Scale Up

Scaling up is where the foundations are laid to capitalise on the market opportunity, where investors seek to maximise their return on investment, whilst understanding and managing the risks.


These processes are core to the expertise of the finance director. Numitas provides services to scale up business either as the part time finance director or to support and enhance the management with consulting solutions.

Typical Scenarios

  • Maximise the market opportunity

  • Optimise cash & performance

  • Manage growth to control risks

  • Private Equity and Venture Capital funding

  • Buy Vs build

  • Optimise operations

  • Short and long term planning

  • Revenue & performance milestones

  • Productivity & efficiency

  • Capital expenditure appraisal

  • International trade

Flexible Solutions

Our clients have to come to rely on us to provide a broad spectrum of capability under a range of engagement contracts, at short notice;

  • Part Time Finance Directors

  • Single person projects

  • Full multi person teams

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