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Private Equity investment professionals focused on the performance of their portfolio know that the senior team makes all the difference, with the Finance Director or CFO making a vital contribution. 

Ensuring the right team at the top of an investee company is always high on the list of priorities of investors, and finding replacements can be difficult as individual networks and contacts are usually limited.


Numitas specialises in making available Finance Directors & CFOs at short and ultra-short notice. We do this through the 'Numitas Network' which is a network of senior finance professionals built over 10 years. We have a group of 250 available at short notice and cover the demanding needs of private equity, in value creating, extraction and transactions.

Short and ultra-short notice

  • We assign a Finance Director from our team to understand your requirements, the role and the personalities in the senior team.

  • They make a recommendation of the most suitable person from our team or network.  

  • This approach means that on most occasions we can make a single recommendation that fits the capability and availability needs of you and your investee company. 

  • Reduces interview and waiting time. 

  • A single point of contact gives you access to the Numitas Network.

The Numitas Network

The Numitas Network has been assembled over the last 10 years of running the Numitas CFO Club. Over 8,000 Finance Directors and CFOs are associated with us via the Numitas CFO Club which meets 7 times per annum. 


Numitas has a unique affinity with this community, by having Finance Directors in the DNA of the business and having taken the time to develop a deep understanding of the nature and role of the Finance Director.  


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