Improving the performance of the business to provide enhanced shareholder value involves optimising each area of the business.


Evaluation of where the most improvement can be gained, planning and executing high value projects is core to both finance directors and Numitas.

Performance Improvement

Typical scenarios

  • Need to maximise the market opportunity

  • Optimise cash & performance

  • Manage growth to control risks

  • Product profitability

  • Customer profitability

  • Procurement

  • Board structure and effectiveness

  • Inventory management

  • Debt structure

  • Optimise operations

  • Short and long term planning

  • Revenue & performance milestones

  • Supply chain

  • Head count reviews

  • Operating model

  • Trade sale and exit

  • Cash & working capital cycle

  • Productivity

Our clients have to come to rely on us to provide a broad spectrum of capability under a range of engagement contracts, at short notice;

Flexible Solutions

  • Part Time Finance Directors

  • Single person projects

  • Full multi person teams

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