Real world experience of understanding and solving business issues by teams that have spent their careers working in businesses.


Our operations consulting teams provide procurement, supply chain and operating model review, design and implementation solutions with an absolute focus on delivering value derived from the instincts of finance directors.

How we operate

  • From the outset we want to understand how you would like to address the challenge you are facing, at all time recognising that you know your business best.

  • We listen carefully and respond thoughtfully to your needs

  • Our team have genuine operational expertise and so solutions come real world, practical experience

  • Our consultants have the sole focus of delivering high quality project outcomes, they have no desire or reward for selling new projects

Flexible Solutions

Numitas provides single person or full team solutions to your projects, we will listen to you carefully and design projects to resolve your business issues, we will provide you with the expertise you need or ask for, we are easy to work with and we will charge a fair price.

  • Supply chain

  • Procurement

  • Operating Models

Operations Consulting

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